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Royce Medical Products

image Royce Medical has designed and manufactured orthopedic products for over 25 years. Founded in 1968 as a post-operative and cast shoe supplier, Royce Medical expanded its product line to include orthopedic braces in 1981. In 1986 Royce established its own research and development organization and has since invested heavily in the development and design of new and innovative technologies for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and conditions.
Customer service is the driving force at Royce. Royce Medical's constant focus on customer needs results in the continuous development of high-quality, price-competitive products. Royce engineers have designed and patented over 70% of the products Royce makes. Royce currently holds 40 patents for its innovations and has over 20 patents pending. The people at Royce Medical are very proud that their Research and Development program has become recognized as an industry leader.
You, as the customer, have many choices. The people at Royce Medical work very hard in all areas to earn your patronage. Living up to your standards is Royce's goal. Royce Medical continually makes innovative and unique new products, and wants you to feel comfortable and understand that there is no risk when you try any new product with Royce. That is why Royce has developed the CUSTOMER SERVICE FIRST EVALUATION PLAN. If you are ever unsatisfied with any Royce products FOR ANY REASON, please feel free to return it for a full refund. This guarantee has no time limit. All Royce® Medical Products that you purchase can be returned at any time, for any reason, at no charge to you.
Based in Camarillo, Calif., Royce® Medical Products is a pioneer in the orthopedics industry. With "Customer Driven Innovation" as its hallmark, Royce is a leading developer and manufacturer of braces and supports for the treatment of sprains, strains, fractures and post-operative care. The company also manufactures short leg walkers, wrist splints, thumb spicas and a variety of other orthopedic braces and supports. Royce's products are distinguished by their unique and superior function, unsurpassed comfort and quality, and competitive prices.