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Animation Bauerfeind USA, Inc. provides smart, wearable therapy and soft goods for those with foot, ankle, knee, leg, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist conditions. Bauerfeind's orthopedic supports and sports medicine products, such as ViscoSpot, Viscoped S, Malleoloc, Genutrain, EpiPoint and SofTec are designed to be tremendously comfortable as well as therapeutically effective.
Bauerfeind USA, Inc. is a leading provider of orthopedic supports, foot products, and compression hosiery to the medical community and private patients within North America. A well respected company among medical professionals, Bauerfeind's most satisfied customer is the patient because Bauerfeind products provide the unsurpassed comfort and highly effective support needed for successful therapy and rehabilitation.
Established in 1985, Bauerfeind USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Bauerfeind GmbH & Co., a private company based in Kempen, Germany. Bauerfeind GmbH & Co. is an international business with subsidiaries, offices and distributors around the world. Currently, Bauerfeind has production facilities in cities throughout Germany, including Kempen, Zeulenroda, Hamburg and Remsheid.
Bauerfeind GmbH & Co. was founded in Thuringia, Germany in 1929. Bruno Bauerfeind, the grandfather of the present owner of the company, originally produced compression stockings and bandages. Today, Bauerfeind GmbH & Co. is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic products, foot care products and compression stockings. The company was the first to develop and produce three-dimensionally knitted active joint supports incorporating anatomical viscoelastic inserts to help alleviate pain and swelling.
Bauerfeind USA, Inc. offers a Complete System of orthopedic products for the major injury-prone areas of the body, including the foot, ankle, knee, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist. The Bauerfeind Complete System categorizes the supports into distinct treatment levels to meet the specific therapeutic, economic and lifestyle demands of each individual patient.