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Superfeet Dressfit for Womens Flats Deluxe

PROD# 8905     $32.95

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DressFit Inserts for Women's High Heels were developed by Superfeet, the people who invented the category of footbeds over 25 years ago. For over two decades, Superfeet has worked to create products that help people feel better and enjoy life to its fullest. Because of our long relationship with one of the largest medical orthotic labs in the U.S., we now hold over 40 patents for footcare products, including custom and over-the-counter footbeds. This deep podiatric experience, combined with our heritage in the athletic footwear industry, has led us to develop the unique DressFit design.

  • Unlike conventional soft footbeds, Superfeet DressFit Inserts are firm and uniquely shaped to balance and evenly support the foot rather than just cushion it. Feet need consistent support and DressFit, just like a high quality, supportive mattress, provides better comfort in the long run.
  • Optimal support for all high heeled shoes and boots with heels under 1 inch. Docter Recommended.
  • Providing these unique benefits:
  • Relieves foot pain and pressure, eases strain on knees.
  • Ultra lightweight design helps support the entire foot.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Virtually invisible when in use.
  • Sized to fit feet perfectly.
  • Helps you be comfortable in ALL your footwear. Microsuede cover.