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Sole Custom Footbeds

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PROD# sol     $49.00

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Sole Custom Footbeds could be the answer you are looking for to releive heel pain, arch pain, shin splints and more. Simply warm the SOLE footbeds in your oven, remove, place in your shoes (running, cycling or any other shoe w/ removable insert) and let the SOLE mold to your foot. In just minutes you will have a custom orthotic that has a 90-day guarantee and will last you at least two years. If you are a serious triathlete, runner, or cyclist or are newbie, you need to try a pair of SOLE Custom Footbeds! SOLE is not an expensive insole that you would compare to a Dr. Scholl's, Spenco, or some other generic insert. Those guys don't play in SOLE's league. The SOLE Custom Footbed is actually an incredibly inexpensive version of a $300.00 doctor-prescribed orthotic that uses the latest in custom comfort technology to cut production costs and raise your performance to the highest level possible. SOLE is trusted by Podiatrists (they have seals of approval from both the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association), physical therapists, and professional athletes from all the major leagues.

Additional Description

  • For medium volume footwear
  • Heel to toe SOFTEC Cushioning (1.6mm) provides maximum shock absorption
  • Moisture-wicking top sheet
  • Moldable arch provides superior support and control