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PROD# 20160     $1.75

Please call The Sports Medicine Shop M-F 8am to 5pm PT at 415-885-6300 to place an order.


  • A resistive band used for therapy and/or conditioning. Price is per foot of band, you decide how many feet you need depending on what exercises you are doing, and what color to order depending on your strength.
  • Keywords: Strength, Flexibility, Stretching, Rehabilitation

  • Increases strength, flexibility, and Range of Motion (ROM).
  • (Yellow--light; Red--light/med; Green--Medium; Blue--med/heavy; Black--heavy; Silver--super heavy)
  • Look at these theraband accessories to increase the effectiveness of your theraband: Theraband Assist, Theraband Handles, Extremity Strap, Door Anchor

    Hygenic (Theraband)