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Theraband Tubing - per foot

PROD# 210XX     $1.00

Please call The Sports Medicine Shop M-F 8am to 5pm PT at 415-885-6300 to place an order.

Color/ Resistance level :   

  • A resistive tubing used for therapy and/or conditioning.
  • Increases strength, flexibility, and ROM. Excellent for stretching and strength in ankle rehabilitation, knee rehabilitation and shoulder rehabilitation.

  • (Yellow--thin, Blue--extra heavy, Red--medium, Black--special heavy, Green--heavy, Silver--super heavy)
  • Sold by the foot
  • I recommend purchasing a pair of exercise handles and a door anchor for use with the theraband tubing. These accessories make using the theraband much more comfortable and convenient. The accessories last for years and can easily be changed from band to band as you progress in resistance.

    Hygenic (Theraband)