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Theraband Exercise Ball 65cm Green

PROD# 23030     $39.75

Please call The Sports Medicine Shop M-F 8am to 5pm PT at 415-885-6300 to place an order.

  • Durable vinyl balls used for therapy, stretching or strengthening.
  • Keywords: Flexibility, Stretching, Strength, Proprioception, Balance, Abdominals, Rehabilitation

  • The Theraband Exercise Balls are weight tested up to 1500 lbs, and can be inflated by air compressors, hand pumps, air mattress pumps, or inflated at a gas station with a trigger nozzle adapter.
  • Many of our customers like the high weight rating of the Theraband Brand Professional Exercise Balls, because they like to do heavy free-weight exercises on them. This really calls into play those stabilizing muscles and gives your workout an extra kick.
  • Of course if you are more the relaxing type, you can just lie on the ball and stretch out your back after a long hard day at the office.
  • Whatever your choice of activity, the Theraband Brand Balls are the best quality available.