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Back and Neck


Please call The Sports Medicine Shop M-F 8am to 5pm PT at 415-885-6300 to place an order.


  • An inflatable lumbar roll that supports the lumbar region.
  • Lightweight, portable, durable and easy to inflate or deflate.
  • Comes with elastic adjustable straps.
  • Indications: prevent back pain, back pain, back support, back strain, back pain.
  • Available in blue.

  • This pillow is our most popular lumbar support. The soft cushion of air conforms to the shape of your back, providing you with soft, specific and unbelievably comfortable support.
  • Peoples reactions to seeing this support are always luke warm, until they try it. Invariably they look surprised and say, Oh! That feels great!
  • Guaranteed not to deflate due to defect for one full year.