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Discussion of cervical pillows

PROD# Discussion     

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  • If you were to look at an x-ray of your neck, you would see that it has a pronounced curve in it. This curve is normal and necessary to safely carry the weight of the head. For some people, if this curve is left unsupported while sleeping, head or neck pain results. Cervical pillows are designed to support the cervical curve and can be very effective at relieveing night time head and neck pain.
  • The original cervical pillow was simply a rolled up towel placed behind the neck. From this came the cervical roll pillow. The cervical roll pillow comes in two diameters; three inches and five inches. For most people the three inch diameter roll is sufficient. For people over six feet tall, the five inch may be preferable. These rolls fit nicely into the pillow case of the pillow you are using now. Your neck is supported by the roll as your head rests on the pillow behind it. The cervical roll is certainly the most cost effective, although it can tend to move about in the pillow case during the night, making it the most inconvenient as well.
  • The Peach Pillow makes using cervical rolls much more convenient and comfortable. The Peach Pillow incorporates two cervical rolls in the pillow. One roll is smaller in diameter than the other and both have a firm and soft side. These features allow this pillow to be very adaptable to each persons specific needs. The Peach Pillow has worked well for many of our customers for many years and continues to be a popular choice.
  • The Star-Lite pillow is the new kid on the block, although it has quickly surpassed the Peach Pillow in popularity. The Star-Lite is a solid piece of slow recovery memory foam. The foam will conform to the shape of your head and neck providing even and comfortable support. This feature makes this pillow very comfortable to sleep on and gives it the ability to accommodate different sleeping positions without having to re-position the pillow. If you change positions, the foam just re-adjusts to your new position. There are two main drawbacks to this pillow itís size and softness. The Star-Lite is only a standard size pillow rather than the queen size of itís sister the Peach Pillow. The Star-Lite is also less firm. Since the pillow will mold to your head and neck it does not provide quite as firm support as the Peach Pillow. This can be good or bad depending on what you want. Some people want firm support and others want a softer support. Which of these two pillows you choose will depend much on your preference.