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Discussion of lumbar pillows

PROD# Discussion     

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  • Look here for a discussion on lumbar pillows

  • We have a normal curve in the low back area called the lumbar curve. If we sit for long periods of time without having this curve supported, we often begin to experience pain. Lumbar pillows are an excellent means of supporting the lumbar curve while sitting, and it just so happens that we carry a wide variety of lumbar cushions.
  • The Sacro-Ease by McCarty’s is our most popular support for people who do a great deal of driving. The Sacro-Ease is a full seat insert that can be customized to fit your specific lumbar support needs. An adjustable bolster helps provide support right where you want it. The Sacro-Ease is a little more costly than other supports, but if you spend a good portion of your time in a car, the custom fit and pain relief the Sacro-Ease offers is well worth the price.
  • The Medic-Air Lumbar Pillow is by far our most popular and comfortable back support. Ideal for the office, home or for air travel, the Lumbar Pillow supports the entire low back with a soft cushion of air. The Lumbar Pillow is only partially inflated allowing t to conform to the shape of your lower back. First impressions are always luke warm until the customer try’s the demonstration pillow we have at the store. The reaction to trying the pillow is always the same, the customer shows a look of surprise and says, Oh! This feels wonderful!. For office chairs or if you are planning on a long airplane ride, we highly recommend the Medic-Air Lumbar Pillow.
  • The McKenzie Super Roll is a second generation lumber roll. Taking the original idea of a simple round roll, the Super roll modifies that design to provide a shape that contours to the shape of the lower back. This provides support that is still firm and specific to one area of the lower back, but is much more comfortable.
  • The Medic-Air Lumbar Roll is an air filled lumbar support. This inflatable roll can be inflated fully or partially depending on the amount of support desired. It is an excellent alternative to the firm McKenzie rolls because the amount of support it offers is so adjustable.
  • The McKenzie Lumbar Roll is a first generation lumbar roll. A 5 inch diameter round cushion with a strap that allows you to attach the roll to a chair back provides firm support to one specific location on your lower back.