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Discussion on patellar tracking braces

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Look here for a discussion on braces designed to assist patellar (knee cap) tracking problems.

  • Patellar tracking is often the result of muscular insufficiencies. To correct the problem a physical therapy regimen designed to stregthen the weak muscles should be undertaken. However, the exercise required to correct the insufficiency is often painful due to the severity of the condition. At such times, bracing to physically push the knee cap medially relieves much of the pain, allowing for the exercises designed to correct the problem. The Sports Medicine Shop has several patellar tracking braces to choose from. All have proven effective, although some are more appropriate for certain situations.
  • The Genutrain P3 is an excellent patellar tracking sleeve. It is made from elastic cloth fibers allowing the brace to breath well. This makes it ideal for active people. The gel pad surrounding the knee cap is oversized and reinforced laterally to provide extra control and superior pain relief. The brace works well for most people who do not have a significant variation between the circumference of their thigh and the circumference of their calf, and stays in place well. The only complaint this brace has is itís length.
  • For people who like the Genutrain P3 but donít like the length, I recommend the Genutrain. It does not work as well, but is shorter and a little lower profile. People sometimes opt to tradeoff function for size.
  • The prices of the Genutrain P3 and the Genutrain often prompt people to go for the NeoMax patellar stabilizer. It is a neoprene sleeve covered with nylon and lined with lycra. The nylon and lycra make this neoprene sleeve very comfortable and helps to remove sweat from the skin. For people with large thighs and small calves, this sleeve is a possible alternative. The Velcro straps prevent the sleeve from sliding down the calf. This brace is a viable low cost alternative to the Genutrains. The major complaint of this brace is that the nylon and lycra, while making the brace more comfortable, increase itís bulk.
  • For people who want a more aggressive brace, or for those with large variances between their thigh and calf circumference, the Shields brace is an excellent alternative. It attempts to mimic the McConnell taping designed to push the knee cap medially. The Shields brace is a wrap on brace, allowing it to conform to the shape of any leg. A bolster is placed next to the knee cap and then pulled medially via two Velcro straps. This brace allows the wearer to determine how much stabilization they want. Whether you want to be mild or aggressive, this brace allows for both. The major complaint of this brace is itís bulk. The wrap is pretty low profile, but the bolster adds some often unwanted bulk.
  • The Patella-Trac by Vantage Orthopedics is a relative newcomer that offers an alternative to the above mentioned braces. The Patella-Trac is a very low profile, aggressive patellar stabilizing brace. This brace does not go far above or below the knee, negating the trouble of large thigs and small calves. A bolster that fits snugly against the knee cap and then is pulled medially provides aggressive patellar support. While being smoewhat new, this brace is effective and does provide a low cost, low profile option.