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Discussion on ligament instability braces.

PROD# Discussion     

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Look here for a discussion on knee braces for ligament instabilities (LCL, MCL, ACL, PCL)

  • Lateral and Medial Collateral Ligaments
  • If stabilization is wanted for injuries to the medial or lateral collateral ligaments, these are the ligaments onthe sides of the knee, a hinged support is required. The brace we recommend is the anterior closure range of motion brace by OrthoSport. This brace is a wrap on, rather than a sleeve, allowing it to conform to the shape of any leg. The hinges can easily be adjusted to provide limitations to the knees range of motion, or set to allow total freedom. The brace is low profile and fits easily under most pants. Velcro straps help to hold the brace in place, preventing it from sliding down your leg.
  • Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligaments
  • If stabilization is required for and ACL or PCL either post operative or non operative, we have four choices of functional knee braces. The technology involved in this type of brace is the reason for the jump in price over the brace for the collateral ligaments.
  • The Softec by Bauerfeind is the only soft ACL brace made. The use of inelastic cloth rather than metal composites makes this brace the lightest and lowest profile brace on the market. You can wear this brace under most pants. Six different sizes allow you to get a near custom fit without a custom price. The hinges work on two axis’ allowing them to find the axis of rotation closest to your knee’s anatomical axis of rotation. A gel insert around the patella provides additional control over patellar movement making this one of the most complete functional knee braces on the market. Knee range of motion can easily be limited by as little as 5 degree increments. Adjusting the range of motion is so easy, it can be done while the brace is being worn. This brace is recommended for all sports with the possible exception of collision sports like Football and Rugby.
  • The Ultimate by Bledsoe is an excellent traditional metal composite functional knee brace. The strength of the alloys used makes this brace excellent for contact and collision sports. The hinges are designed to mimic the roll and glide movement of the knee, providing a comfortable fit and natural movement. Knee range of motion can be adjusted, although it does require taking the hinges apart, making it somewhat difficult.
  • The Rebel by Townsend is a well known name in functional ACL bracing. This brace is also a traditional metal composite brace that utilizes dual concentric hinges to attempt to mimic the roll and glide movement of the knee. The Rebel is guaranteed not to migrate or slip down the leg. The hinges can be set to control range of motion, and are relatively easy to adjust.
  • The C180 by Innovation Sports is a good functional ACL brace. The C180 utilizes a carbon composite rather than metal, so is lighter weight. This also makes it less sturdy, and should be avoided with contact or collision sports. However, the low price makes this brace a definite alternative to the recreational athlete who needs a functional ACL brace.