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Discussion on ankle braces

PROD# Discussion     

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Look here for a discussion on ankle braces.

  • Ankle sprains cause a permanent lengthening of the ligaments. Strengthening the muscles that act on the ankle is necessary for full recovery, but you still may find yourself with a chronically unstable ankle. Ankle bracing is always a good idea if you have suffered from severe or frequent ankle sprains in the past. In fact, most division I universities require that all their athletes be either taped or braced regardless of past ankle injuries as a preventative measure. If you have problems with ankle sprains or just want to do all you can to prevent them, a good ankle brace is a great idea.
  • The Malleoloc by Bauerfeind is the best ankle brace we have ever seen. The Malleoloc is the most supportive ankle brace available, as well as the most lightweight and lowest profile. The Malleoloc will fit into the smallest of shoes, where other ankle braces wouldn’t come close. The Malleoloc provides support to the ankle only where it is needed to prevent inversion and eversion, keeping you from rolling your ankle in or out, but still allows full plantar and dorsi flexion (pointing your toes and walking on your heels. This brace is excellent for use in any athletic activity, and is the one we most highly recommend. Many universities are switching to this brace because it is so effective, light and low profile. Another nice feature of this brace is the fact that all the straps and pads can be replaced at a very low cost. So while this brace is more expensive initially, over the long run it is much less expensive than other braces.
  • The Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis or ASO by medical specialties is the traditional canvas lace up brace. This style of brace has been used by many universities for years and can still be found in quite a few. It is not as supportive as the speed brace or Malleoloc, but it is an effective brace. People have often used this brace in college, are comfortable with it and remain loyal to it. It is very light and not very bulky allowing it to fit nicely into most shoes.
  • The Stromgren or double strap ankle support is a very light ankle brace excellent for the more mild pursuits. It is not highly supportive, but does provide good mild support for less aggressive activities. If you enjoy walking, jogging, hiking or biking, this is probably the brace for you.